• Backend
    • 1. PHP laravel, symfony
    • 2. Python fastapi, django, flask
    • 3. Ruby on rail
  • Frontend
    • 1. Vuejs (nuxtjs) (javascript / typescript)
    • 2. Jquery
    • 3. Reactjs (nextjs) (javascript / typescript)
  • CMS
    • 1. wordpress
    • 2. EC site
      (EC Cube, shopify, woocommerce ...)
  • Database
    • 1. mysql
    • 2. postgres
    • 3. oracel
    • 4. mongodb
  • Infras
    • 1. aws
    • 2. ansible
    • 3. docker
  • Mobile
    • 1. Java/Kotlin
    • 2. Flutter


Web system Development

The Web System Development Service develops custom web applications tailored to the needs of customers. Our expert team utilizes the latest technologies and best practices to provide user-friendly, secure, and efficient web systems. We prioritize user experience and also accommodate advanced functionality and integration of business logic. Additionally, we continuously support system operation and maintenance to assist in the growth of our customers' businesses.

Application Development

We provide a variety of applications for mobile and desktop platforms. Our expert team develops user-friendly and effective applications based on our customers' vision. We leverage the latest technology to achieve advanced customization and optimize user experience. Additionally, we prioritize the security and performance of the applications, serving as partners to help customers achieve their business goals.

AI Development

Knowledge data serves as not only reports but also as guidelines for shaping the future. Big data, beyond human processing capabilities, can be made more certain for the future by AI. AI can reduce time and costs, allowing businesses to focus and thereby achieve success.

IT Consulting

We are the only company that accelerates businesses by understanding our clients' businesses based on experience from the IT genesis era and the latest knowledge, and providing IT solutions with added value. In the rapidly changing information society, we support the utilization of the latest technologies such as digital transformation, digital innovation, optimization of cloud services, and data analysis to create new value.


By integrating IoT technology, which connects all devices, with digital transformation (DX), we enable real-time data collection and analysis, leading to a significant increase in operational efficiency. The collected data can be used extensively, such as understanding customer needs, cost reduction, and AI-based predictions, allowing our clients to establish their unique business models.


  • UUU - User accessibility

    We are currently developing a new service focusing on user accessibility. This service aims to streamline the usage of websites and applications, providing users with a user-friendly environment. It comes with customizable features and efficient operating methods, allowing adjustments to individual needs. Our service aims to deliver a comprehensive digital experience.
  • eClinic9

    eClinic9 is an efficient clinic management service that helps organize and optimize the daily operations of clinics. It integrates various features such as appointment scheduling, prescription management, recording patient visits, and automatically calculating salaries and commissions for doctors, nurses, and technicians. With eClinic9, managing clinics becomes easier and more efficient than ever before.
  • ERP9

    ERP9 is an enterprise resource planning system that we have collaborated with iTaxVN to deploy. Currently, the system focuses on accounting management, inventory management, timekeeping, and asset management. Other features such as human resource management, production management, and customer management will be gradually added over time. We are continuously striving to provide a comprehensive and efficient solution for business management.